Dental Drill Bits with Sandy Pardue

Sandy Pardue of Classic Practice Resources discusses the issues facing the dental practice owner of today. This podcast show features the movers and shakers of the dental industry changing the shape of how we do business. Sandy is an energetic and highly competent lecturer and consultant in the area of dental practice management. She is Director of Consulting with Classic Practice Resources and has over 35 years of “hands on” experience in the dental field. In addition to being a practice developer, Sandy has presented workshops to dental teams at major dental conferences across the country. DENTISTRY TODAY magazine has named her a Leader in Consulting every year for over a decade. Sandy is a regular contributor on message boards and has been a featured writer for DENTALTOWN Magazine and DENTISTRY TODAY Magazine and blog.
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Dec 29, 2021

HR issues are probably the thing Sandy Pardue hears the most about when consulting with practices. Therefore in this episode she breaks down the top 10 HR mistakes she has seen, heard, and witnessed. She also gives us the solution for each mistake.

Listen closely, more than likely you have either experienced one of these mistakes, will be making one of these mistakes (not anymore after you hear this episode), or know someone who is making the mistake. 

Dec 22, 2021

Sandy Pardue gives us a list of 5 things we need to review ASAP to make sure we are getting the absolute most out of our hygiene department.

1. Learn what procedures are not being performed.

2. Set goals JUST for your hygienist

3. Learn how to pay your hygienist 

4. Do a "Hygiene Bonus"

5. Have Impactful Communication

Listen in as Sandy explains each one with great detail and instructions on how to implement them.

Dec 16, 2021

In this episode Sandy Pardue let's us know how there is so much more that happens besides just "asking" for a review... and sometimes we don't even ask! So  in this episodes we break down the steps. A couple things you want to do is:

Boost the confidence of your team.

Make sure your employees are complimenting other team members IN FRONT of the patient. 

Ask the patient in a leading way, for a review as they are already complimenting the doctor/ hygienist/ assistant or whoever worked on them.

We also discuss how to handle and reply to a negative review.

Dec 9, 2021

This is a question Sandy Pardue gets quite often in her events, so we decided to cover it here!

Here are a couple things you want to do:

You need a time clock software. (Sandy recommends a software)

Don’t give everyone access to change their time clock.

Create a policy, and be super specific in this policy. (Sandy gives us great examples).

What to say if someone still violates the policy? (Sandy provides us with what to do, a script, and how many times should we allow it).

How to present the overtime policy at a team meeting.

Dec 1, 2021

In this episode Sandy Pardue gives us the 5 action steps every single practice owner should be taking to get an incredible amount of momentum happening in the beginning of 2022.

The last thing you want to do in 2022 is play catch up or start off slow. And you especially don't want your team knowing or feeling it is slow!

We discuss:

1.Invest 139 dollars in a book called: National Dental Advisory Service. 

2.Keep educating patients. Most practices have another practice within their practice, 1 million or 80k in unscheduled treatment. Now is the time to contact them.

3.Find out who has unused insurance benefits.

4.Keeping the chairs filled and asking them if they have anyone in the family that needs an appointment.

5.Promote more elective procedures. Verify that you are doing specific procedures.

Nov 26, 2021

This has happened to all of us! We call a patient to confirm their appointment but they don't answer. You call them again... and still no answer. Do you just consider them as a cancellation, a no-show, do you double book that time slot just in case, are you just going to hope they show up and leave them on the schedule?!

Sandy Pardue gives us the exact steps and instructions we must take to handle patients who do NOT confirm.

She gives us specific scripts, how many attempts we should make on a confirmation, what needs to be said, and where to discern and make moves in this situation.



Nov 17, 2021

In this episode Sandy shares with us the 4 key actions that you must create. This is 4 specific lists that you must create in your practice, and then it forms into a system!

This system will prevent empty slots in your schedule, contribute to more collections, meet the needs of your patients who NEED to be seen soon, and minimizing unscheduled treatment .

This system is something that's missing in so many practices, so we encourage you to start NOW with the "4 Lists System" if you haven't yet.

Nov 10, 2021

In this episode Sandy Pardue gives us her "3 Day Report" that will increase collections and decrease broken appointments.

This will also answer the main question "should we schedule the patient first and then collect payment OR collect payment and then schedule the patient"? Sandy teaches us step by step how to do this.

We also discuss scripts on what to say to patients who are past due on their payments, how to do health credit ratings on patients, and how to create a "scheduler" in your practice who is responsible for the WHOLE schedule.

Nov 3, 2021

This was a VERY hot topic so Sandy and I decided to dive further into it and even provide you with scripts and cancellation policies to format and say.

We need to understand that broken appointments WILL happen but it should not be the norm.

We need to also understand that charging patients for this is a band-aid to the problem, not the solution. 

So what are the proper steps and procedures to take when this occurs? And how can we minimize broken appointments?

In this episode Sandy lets us know exactly what we need to do.

Oct 27, 2021

In this episode we discuss a situation where an employee was sexually harassed by an existing patient.

This really happened! This could also happen in your practice.

So what are the proper steps and procedures to take when this occurs? Do you let it slide once? Do you address the patient in that moment? Do you call the authorities?! 

In this episode Sandy let's us know exactly what we need to do in this situation.